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New Product Dancing Wings 30cc Savage Bobber

I have built one of their small kits for something to do during our lockdown last year it was their 1 meter span Tiger Moth, a very well made and fitting laser cut kit, but with some unconventional building techniques, it to my surprise flew like a dream. This kind of thing is what they were known for , small kits, but this year they started to make ARFs of some of their kits, and now apparently bespoke ARFs. 36151619_2085686124834776_6861981489752440832_n.jpg IMG20200408201457.jpg IMG20200528155824.jpg IMG20200528155910.jpg
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Press release from DW models today, corrects the wingspn to 2.33 meters 92 inches. the rest you will have to translate yourself :)
Although we developed the 1.0M Bobber and 2.33M Bobber at the same time, the 2.33M bobber released the second version of the information 3 months late.
As far as the flight effect is concerned, the second test flight is very successful, and both the stability and the gliding performance reach our expectations. The 35cc engine also provides plenty of power.
After the flaps are opened, the speed will drop a lot but still will not enter the speed state.
Hmm... the flight effect is great!
But the fly in the ointment is that there are still some small details that are not perfect. We will solve these problems in the third and final version.
Hope you'll like it"