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Dual Gas Tanks

Barcley Holmes

New to GSN!
Doing this since 2013, first I was skeptic but when I flew with it it gave me a whole different perspective about dual fuel tank.
Since that day this is the setup I've been using.
The key here is to conect them in PARALLEL.
I'm flying with MVVS 175, so the 50 oz was never taken in consideration, the 2 x 32 oz 4Titude fuel tank, solved the problem, now with 64 oz of fuel, the plane needs to beg me to land...

Pros, 64 oz of fuel, more than 16 min of flying IMAC.
The fuel is not bashing the tank walls, in big tanks it can be a problem, you need sections like in trucks.
2 tanks, 200%
Flexibility in the installing process, narrow places, you can split the tanks.
2 small tanks keeps less empty space when the fuel is drained

Cons, weight
Everything is doubled, hoses, T pins etc...
When you fill the tanks, one is always getting full first, unless you pinch it to let the other one be fueled to the top (about 2-4 oz of gap)

I see the pictures and miss ya'all Bryan !

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Did you have to move the tanks backwards to get the CG correct?