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Dynam B-26, DetrumTech New Product!


New to GSN!
he Martin B-26 Marauder was a World War II twin-engined medium bomber built by the Glenn L. Martin Company from 1941 to 1945. First used in the Pacific Theater in early 1942, it was also used in the Mediterranean Theater and in Western Europe.
Through the ablution of flames of war,B-26 changed aerodynamic design and distinguished itself as "the chief bombardment weapon on the Western Front" according to a United States Army Air Forces dispatch from 1946. One of the most iconic warbirds of World War Ⅱ.

DetrumTech now launches a new product named Dynam B-26; it has accurate representation of the scale outline to meet the users’ preference about B-26 bomber.

Superior Design
Three-piece main wings, detachable horizontal stabilizer and vertical stabilizer allow easy transportation and assembly.

The tricycle landing gear used worm drive electronic makes for excellent visibility while taxiing.

Extreme scale details including forward, rear, top and side gun turrets.

Bright LED navigation lights bring more fun for users.

Strong Power, Reliability Performance
Twin engine design and two Tomcat 3512 KV 650 motors provides power for 1500mm large wingspan. The performance is reliability and smooth.

Equip Four-blade counter-rotating propellers. The advantage of such design can balance the effects of torque and P-factor and make the flight more straight and steady.

Use the battery of 14.8V 4000mAh 25C, flying can up to seven minutes.

6 Channel, More Fun to Fly
The number of channel could determine how much fun you have with your RC airplane. Dynam B-26 is the 6 channel planes whose configuration is motor, elevator, ailerons, rudder, landing gear and flaps. 6-channel could bring more fun to user during the flight.

Two configurations, More Options
Provide PNP and RTF two configurations to choose. PNP suit (A Plug-N-Play) has the motors, ESCs and servos installed but without the transmitter, receiver and battery and charger. RTF suit (Ready-to-Fly) means users do not need to buy any accessories. Just enjoy it after installation.
At last, whatever PNP and RTF, allow users easy of assembly in 10 minutes.

Wingspan: 1500mm (59in)
Length: 1126mm (44.3in)
Wing Area: 31.4dm²
Flying Weight: 2350g
Wing Loading: 74.8g/dm²
Motor: 3512KV 650*2
Propeller: 10.5*8 four-blade*2
ESC: Skylord 40A *2
Servo: 9g*7 17g*2
Battery: 14.8V 4000mAh 25C

Dynam B-26 airplane Flight Video