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70cc twin V2
I've found with my planes that when I use too much expo the difference between the center and endpoints is so drastic that it's hard to be precise enough to not over correct. Too little expo and I'm having trouble with my planes being twitchy. My question is how do you know what amount of expo is correct and how do you know when you find it?
The best thing to do is try a bunch of different expos until you find one that you are more comfortable with than the rest, and then you will just have to get use to that. I always tell people not to go over about 70 or so. I am usually around 60-65%; it is just what I have become comfortable with. Daniel Holman uses a much lower expo if I remember correctly, somewhere around 20-30%. There is no "correct" expo, its all personal preference. I would just advise against anything above 70%.