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Favorite connectors


640cc Uber Pimp
Thank you sir will be placing my order in the next couple of day for the solder iron cleaner thanks for the info. Learn something every day. Will be interested to see how it works.


640cc Uber Pimp
Connector tests, plus pictures
Older version of that page, contains some other connectors

Excellent site, do have a look at the controller-, motor-, charger-, power supply-, battery- etc. tests.

Vriendelijke groeten ;) Ron
• Without a watt-meter you are in the dark, until something starts to glow •
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Hi Ron welcome to GSN spent some in Holland going to the HTS and TH great country.


i have used them all and prefer the xt plugs. app get slopoy and dont connect wellover time. Deans dont work well in low current applications and on high voltage setups get burnt when you plug in. xt 60 and the anti spark xt 90 are hard to beat..