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File size??

Looks like the Jetco plan is too large, but the Sig plans are ok.


  • SIGRC2 Fairchild_PT-19_jetco_oz5052 1958 version.pdf
    3.3 MB · Views: 227


New to GSN!
I've just completed a plan for a 1/3 scale Piper PA12 Super Cruiser, that I designed on Gerber Omega 2.5. I drew everything full size in the computer so that all the pieces could be cut or copied on a regular printer. When the plan was finished I downloaded it as a PDF file so I could send it to other people, and realised that you couldn't zoom in close to it, and it wasn't full size. I think the only way that I can send it to someone in a format that they could use easily is in EPS format, but am guessing you'd still need some type of CAD software to use it. Would post it here if ADMIN or anyone else has ideas.