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New to GSN!
Sorry Guys for the delay with the info. Had to finish the new plane to be sure of kit specs. Dr visits and PT slowed me down.
I ended up with the following.
80" Wingspan
84" Length
162 oz weight. (10lb 2oz) That is beefed up with extra weight to Chad Proff it.(actually my landings) I have some weight to trim off the tail and L/G before I am happy.
motor C6374-200 on 8 cells (2)4cell 3000 25c batt ) it just idles with 8cells, this motor is capable of running on 12 and doing 3200watts but I had a castle 100amp 8cell ESC and it got used.

The plane flew with a 20x10 prop, going to 20x8 or 20x6 to test next. I am ready to test the power systems out and feel 2400watts will be sufficient for 3d. or 2800+ for all out.
I am also experimenting with some new motors that were looking promising (for the low budget guys like me)
The 70 inch went from barely flyable to a rocket with the right combo, these planes are 3d style or for the guy that likes to just fly around slower than rockets. They are really fun to fly.
New photos coming soon.
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New to GSN!
I have some more pics will post later. plane coming along very nice. ok pics loaded for now video soon I hope, weather crazy here .
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