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Scale Grumman F8F Bearcat "Jerry Bates 1/5"

Sorry for the lack of updates to this project. It's been temporarily put to the side with flying season here. I was able to develop some 3d printed wing inlets that have been installed and the gear are installed. Top surface of wing sheeting is complete and dual airtanks have been installed in the center section of the wing. It kind of came to a stand still at that point. I want to make that center belly section of the wing removable so that i can access the mechanics of the gear doors and retract equipment and haven't figured out how I'm going to accomplish this yet.
I have also acquired the TF F6F hellcat and P40 and just crashed my hanger 9 P-51. Plus i acquired a Beech KingAir 200 that may tank priority of everything.
Here's my wing inlets that i created in cad and 3d printed.


640cc Uber Pimp
Thanks for the update. I have been looking at building something different. Been in the 3D flying mode for a few years and it is starting to get a little old for me, would like try something new. Looking at building a warbird about 85 inch wing span. Just looking at pictures I seam to like the looks of the bearcat, to many mustangs around. Would you go for the fibreglass fuse again or build the fuselage from wood.
Honestly, if i were to do it again i would build it from wood. The glass fuse is nice and has all the panel lines but i find it easier to deal with wood.