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Gyro's for planes


Just got myself a Aura and plan on putting it in a plane today. Have a lot of question!?!?! Not easy to understand how it works....


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I first played with a Futaba CGY750 helicopter gyro 4 years ago. With understanding how it worked on a helicopter, I was able to adapt it to planes. I had an Eflite 43 inch extra 260 that could keep any attitude nearly perfect hands off no problem.

Having said that, if I were to actually use one in a plane now, it would be the Bavarion Demon Cortex. I have used them in my helicopters before and am used to their software.


I to have lots of time on gyros in heli's. I went for the Aura from Flex as there is someone local that can help me with the setup.


I'm one of the Loco's that assist Rick.. LOL

I too have about 4 Flexinnovations Aura 8's now. I hated the though of Gyro's before trying one out, but then all it took was a test flight on one of my planes to convince me. The major misconception is that Gyro's fly the plane for you. It's completely the opposite of that, YOU fly your plane, and the Gyro just makes it feel nicer and more precise.

Yup, I enjoy my Aura8's, they all run through SBUS and extend power through Booma RC power boards.


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Love my aura 8's!!! I have 3 and after flying mine, my buddy has 2. The aura does not interfere with your flight at all. It is an amazing thing to have on your plane.


I have a Powerbox iGyro 3e...but truth be told I have not fiddled with it enough to make it work well for me...I think I'll put it in my Pitts M12 when I swap it over to my new Jeti radio system.


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The testimonials are true! my fellow addicts of the cheeseburger! Best way IMO to describe it is AUTOMATIC EXPO! Aura gives a solid steady comfortable feel of the sticks. If you are a novice or entry level 3D pilot you probably wont be able to tell any difference simply because you have not had the experience with out it. Expert 3D Pilots argue it is a crutch but hey I have flown decent 3D with out it and have much improved 3D with it! Great "STABILIZATION" Platform. Common misnomer is it does not fly your plane! You still do. If your entry level you will crash it just like a plane with out it.


Damn I'm hungry
BTW. Any one needing set up assistance please feel free to PM me or just post up here! (for the AURA 8). I have no other experience with other systems like the Demon. Let it be known though that the AURA 8 is based on fixed wing aircraft and the assigned stick priorities / proportional gains have been ardently figured by QQ Somenzini and David Ribb. Hope all you Aura users ENJOY!

Edit.....And of course all you enjoy whatever system you chose albeit Demon, Aura, Power Box etc...To me it's YOUR pleasure.
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