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Hello from Bayview Idaho!

Hello my name is Thomas. 61 years old been in rc since I was a kid. Just ordered the Hanger 9 x cub last night and my 60 inch floats for it from seaplane supply. This is my first giant scale and float plane..also my first arf.. Thinking of powering it with an eme 70cc twin with electric start. Hello to everyone!


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Thank you package should be here we'd! I keep checking tracking on it!
Just keep in mind that if your not doing a build or assembly thread we here at GSN do enjoy the "What the postman brought" and the "What did you do in the workshop" threads as well as the "I'm going out flying" thread. So, my GSN brother, keep us informed and up to date....

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Welcome @Thomas tetrault ,
Glad you joined us. . . . . :big_yes:. There is an incredible group of like minded individuals on this site. We all love giant scale and the camaraderie here is awesome. EVERYONE is so willing to help each other whenever we can. . . . . . :yesss:. WE are also very well aware of what its like to wait for the big brown truck. Sometimes it's murder. . . . .:laughing:.
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