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Kavan FK50 Mark I


GSN Sponsor Tier 1
Starting a discussion on my Kavan 50. I want to test run it before I totally commit to it to my Cub. It is new but I sent it to Mecoa for inspection and the nylon gear upgrade. I wanted out test run as well but it took 4 months to get it serviced, I didn't think I would ever get it test run so I had it mailed back.

The steel gear had already been installed so new gaskets and reassembly only it was.

Now to test run it. I found some scrap lumber at my shop.




GSN Sponsor Tier 1
Some more piddling with the engine test stand. Not sure about the ignition, I'm missing a connector i think.



GSN Sponsor Tier 1
I'm going to research other ignitions. I've seen a thread or 2 on using other brands