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Merry Christmas From SupaTim!!

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by SupaTim, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. SupaTim

    SupaTim 70cc twin V2

    Time for a NorthWestRC.com classic:

    Twas the weekend before Christmas, been trapped in the house.
    "There's a break in the weather" said my beautiful spouse.
    I loaded my truck with speed and great care.
    "Time to stand in a field and see how we fare..."

    Called up McRandall and the good Sidekick Vic,
    and then told them the plan, but they thought I was sick.
    But off to the RAMS, let's hope for some sun,
    All fueled up and ready, let's go have some fun.

    My 92" Edge fired up with a roar.
    15-20's can't stop me, this sucker will soar!
    I probably should have practiced with these Santa gloves,
    Since my crankshafts and poptops sure needed some love.

    But up in one piece, then down in the same.
    My flying and outfit made me look insane.
    Though my kind of fun, may be someone else's disgust.
    Be true to yourself, always, you must!

    Thanks to my family for standing by my side,
    As I take them along for this wacky RC ride.
    As the new year approaches and planes go on the shelf,
    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas, now go "huck" yourself!!!

  2. Nice job Tim!!!! Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too!!
  3. AKNick

    AKNick 640cc Uber Pimp

    Well done indeed! Merry Christmas!
  4. Bushwacker

    Bushwacker 3DRCF Moderator

    Nice...Dude... :)
  5. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Lol I love it man!!! Merry belated Christmas to you and yours!

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