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Mini lathe (and mill) discussion.


Been doing some work on my lathe. Made an interlock device to prevent the cross feed and longitudinal feeds from engaging together, decided I needed one for the carriage lock and longitudinal feed. It is still a work in process. Below the cross feed is engaged and the plunger is extended preventing the longitudinal feed engagement.

Below the longitudinal feed is engaged and the plunger is preventing the cross feed from engaging.

This is one of those times I was sorry that I never bought of those fancy hold down sets! Milling a flat area for an axle mount.


I need to make the linkage and bell crank to connect to the cam operated carriage lock, the cam lock took another day and half to sort out. It is in the free position on the top photo and locked on the bottom photo. You really need the carriage lock on these small lathes as the there no mass. The lathe came with a 6 mm socket head bolt that was always filled with turnings. I replace it a "T" handle bolt but could not move the bolt when the tailstock was close to the carriage, there is no interference now. Next up will be the mount for the bellcrank followed by the connecting linkage. I thought about using hobby style rod ends but decided to make my own for the the industrial look.

IMG_2472 (1).jpg
Wasn't a lock provided?
Not on mine. It was a basic mini lathe. I put one on the spindle side of the carrage, so I can add a DRO in the future. The DRO will go on the tailstock side of the cross slide. I see your DRO is on the spindle side of the cross slide. How has that been working where chips are falling? Does it affect it much at all?


I wanted to put the DRO on the tail stock side but it would have limited the tail stock travel to the work and access to the carriage lock. It fits under the 4" three jaw chuck without a problem as long as the jaws are not sticking out too far. I really need to be careful when the 6" four jaw chuck is on. The chips land on top of cross slide and RO scale. I have a shied on the the scale and there is no problem with chips.
The scale takes up about 2 1/8" so that's how much space would be lost between the carriage and the tailstock. I like to keep the tail stock extension as little as possible when turning.
I put the DRO on during the COVID lock down so I have also 3 years with any problem. And has been bumped on ocassion!



Work more on the cross slide interlock today. Built a bracket to support the bell crank, made the bell crank and interconnecting link. Just need to connect the bell crank to the cam lock and it will be functional. I decided that I want to move the cam lock handle to the 45 degree position when in the free position so I plan to make a new cam. I'll call the first one a prototype not a mistake!



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Is that what you call them? Kind of like calling a bad football pass a back shoulder fade. Prototype it is, no more mistakes for me.