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Scale Nelitz 1/3 scale Cub build


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Since i haven't shipped the engine i decided to remount it and get the tee nuts in. Once I cover them up I'm locked in on this engine. Mount the tank support first then I'll work my way backwards and up. I'll send the engine off early January.


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So far.......... Hope this works, it should suspend the ignition over the engine mount. Hysol needs several hours to set so next photo will be this evening.



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Long day today handling a major demand for frozen pipes dethawing repairs. There are probably billions in damages across metro Atlanta. My guys will work 18 hour days this week, all repeat customers, no capacity for new customers. Commercial customers all over Atlanta shutdown waiting on plumbers.

A quick check on my ignition bracket then an early bedtime for me. Not bad for first attempt, i might need to angle bracket forward a bit.





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Good work on the ignition bracket! I may suggest adding a heat shield deflector from the cylinder in from of it. I'm pretty sure I've killed an ignition due to that. Although I'm sure your cub will run cooler than my gasser!
Are you going to paint the firewall silver??:)
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