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NEW AEROBEEZ 78" Slick 540!!!


640cc Uber Pimp
Here's a new video from Aerobeez of the Typhoon! Sweet plane guys....



70cc twin V2
Here's a new video from Aerobeez of the Typhoon! Sweet plane guys....


If you guys have questions about the NEW Slick 540 Typhoon please let us know !!



New to GSN!
Hi guys,
I'm considering one of the two Aerobeez 78ers as my first aerobatic plane.
I'm just a sport pilot and I would like to know the flight differences between the Extra and the Slick, basically what I'm looking for is which one has more forgiving stall and general mistakes characteristics specially at lower speeds.
Since I don't do 3D I'm looking for a more stable than snapping tendency model.
I really like the looks of the Slick better (although I would prefer more contrast between top and bottom of the wings) than the Extra but cosmetics is second after performance