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New Pilot for my Carden Pro 124


640cc Uber Pimp
Finally got out a flew yesterday. All i can say is....what a super smooth running engine! I've flown other guys 200's but only for a few minutes, so getting 5 nice 10-13 minute flights was awesome. I'm running the same Falcon 29x12 3-blade prop that I had on the 170. Very quiet unless I go more than about 3/4 throttle, then it'll rip it. Pulls hard and by the end of the day I was starting to get some throttle management going. Unlike the 170 where I add full throttle BEFORE pulling into an upline, with the 200 you can make the radius and then add throttle as needed for whatever combo is on that line.

Overall I picked up 2 pounds over the piped 170, so it came in at 43# dry. CG was very close to where I was on the 170 (batts moved from behind engine to a tray in the turtledeck behind the cockpit).

I'm a happy camper!!!:banana-dance:
Glad to hear it worked out so well.
Isn't it nice when you have enough power to accelerate on an up line and you don't have to throw the airplane into everything.


640cc Uber Pimp
Talking about power has DA ever said anything more about the DA215. Was it not going to be released by now I remember seeing it at Toledo.


A nice lady who knew how to use her camera (with a long lens) showed up at our club a few weeks ago. Thought I'd share a few of the great shots she got of my Carden.

285A7505.jpg 285A7714.jpg 285A7720.jpg 285A7726.jpg 285A7730-2.jpg 285A7765.jpg