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Next build discussion


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Communicating now with Jim Reeves of Mick Reeves Models. A short kit with ribs, formers and all non metal parts is pretty cheap.

Something tells me a 117" biplane with a multi cylinder 4 stroke doing a slow stalling wingover with smoke on would be pretty cool.


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Maybe a Yak 110? :eek:



Anything with a multi cylinder 4 stoke is cool! Forget the Yak!
Here's my list of possible builds:
30% Chipmunk - Most likely
33% Piper PA20/PA22
30% Cessna 150/152
Sig Morrisey Bravo
25% Piper TramaHawk (Great Planes Kit)
33% Wayne Urley Laser
Or finish a couple that I already Started!
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Communicating with Jim reeves at mick reeves models. Full 1/3 scale tiger moth is at the top of my list.


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Hmm.... Appropriate sound is mandatory, no 2 strokes allowed. 2 - 4 cycle single cylinders i suppose. I'm not scratch building though, cutting is fine but I'm not designing it as well.