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Official IMAC 2017 Knowns


Thanks Tom! And the advanced has a decent loop in it....compared to that thing I've been struggling with all season :mad:.

Larry B

70cc twin V2
Thanks Tom, I see the basic still has that dumb 360 turn that I can never make look pretty! I'll be stuck in basic until the year that the 360 is removed from the routine.


I like 'em "BIG"!
And just when I was getting familiar with the 2016 sequence, they go and change it. LOL. Mark...or anyone really...., can some one explain to me what maneuver #10 on the basic is? Or is there someplace on the IMAC site that describes all this? I am sorry for sounding so impossibly ignorant. This is still all pretty new to me and just want to learn.
Thanks for the comments,

The Sequence Committee started working on the 2017 Knowns the first of July, and there was many different proposals drawn and test flown. We put a great deal of effort in trying hit all of the key points like, flow, controlled footprint, class appropriate, learning tool, and of course, fun to fly.

For many of the committee members including me, enjoy working on the Knowns each year, it's quite the challenge, personally I have flown according to my flight log over 350 proposal tests, and other committee members have as well in order to come up with the best possible Knowns.

Yes the 360 turn is in this years Basic as well, it's one of those key steps in learning how to control your aircraft and is an important building block for future pilot growth. This always happens, new or seasoned pilot looks at the figure and says "it's just a 360 turn...how simple" then they fly it correctly, establishing the aerobatic bank first, trying to keep it at the same aerobatic bank, same altitude, same radius, and exit how they entered and all of the sudden it's not as easy as it looks. But it is a fun figure to fly and never really puts the new pilot at any kind of high risk.

Hopefully the membership will be able to fly the Official Knowns soon and let us know what you feel about them.
Tom Wheeler
IMAC Sequence Chairman