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Post your favorite full scale photo's.

selfridge-07 334.jpg

thounder07 461.jpg

july,10 052.JPG


640cc Uber Pimp
There are some beautiful planes around. Like the pictures keep them coming enjoy looking at them.

HRRC Flyer

GSN Sponsor Tier 1
OK Fellas, who can tell me what kind of plane this is? I will give you a hint, it is NOT what immediately comes to mind.
Fokker C1 2.jpg

Here's another one. BTW, this one IS what you think it is. . . . . . ;)
Fokker D7 39.JPG


  • Fokker C1 9.JPG
    Fokker C1 9.JPG
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  • Fokker D8 10.JPG
    Fokker D8 10.JPG
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640cc Uber Pimp
Ok that's it we are not talking to him for a while, I am jealous. How was it it must have quite a rush. Lucky guy.