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Proton! The latest Pitts Model 12



Clint Sweet

New to GSN!
There are times when mere words cannot describe what a picture can show. This is one such time. . . . . :yesss:.

Hey @Jetpainter, how long do you think it took to paint this masterpiece? I could only fathom a guess that it had to be over a hundred hours, easy.
It took several hundred hours to paint this aircraft. 12 colors then cleared, sanded with 600 wet and applied drop shadow then cleared again. Also keep in mind, that all of the aluminum panels are painted inside and out which means that the plane has to go together and get taken apart many times. Not to mention the control surfaces, coves, canopy, cowling, etc that have to go on and off through the entire process. So in the end I think it took about four months to complete the entire aircraft.

HRRC Flyer

GSN Sponsor Tier 1
Thanks Clint,

Sounds like you know the Proton inside and out. . . . . :big_yes:. That plane is simply phenomenal. I wish I could see it in person.