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Rolling harriers/circles question


70cc twin V2
Hey joe I could use some input on this. Whenever I attept to do rolling circles, I get it for 1-3 rolls and then the plane ether goes up and stalls, or dives toward the ground. Do you know what might be causing this? My guess is timing but I'm thinking I could be overcontrolling as well. Thanks!


3DRCF Regional Ambassador
I have an idea about what your problem might be but I want to see how Joe responds ;)
Timing would be my first guess. There are basically 2 things to learning rollers. First, you have to learn the rhythm(inputs). Once you have those mastered, then you can begin to adapt the rhythm to match the roll rate of the plane. This is how I approached rollers and it worked very well. Don't jump in and try to do them with a plane, that just ends with a long and frustrating journey to learn rollers. Just sit down with a radio and run through the rhythm until your fingers hurt and then try it with a plane. You will pick them up a lot quicker, I promise.