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IMAC Scratch build Laser 200

Like this maybe


  • round dowel.JPG
    round dowel.JPG
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Roger, don't want to hijack your thread but was wondering how one determines the 'correct' type of CF to use for our applications regardless of it's shape (round, square, flat, etc.)?
First this is not Hijacking, so no problem, as for your question, I really don't have an answer except , trial and error and gut feeling.
I wonder if the nature of those printed parts is that there's some porosity between strands as they're laid down which gives the thin CA something to wick into and adhere to. that joint looked pretty strong!

I would think there is because I have tried a few times on test pieces as in the video , and man if the wood breaks and not the glue from the plastic, it has to be as strong as on plywood