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Show Me the Biplanes!!!!


I like 'em "BIG"!
Ok, so clear as mud. Lol. I'll talk to you gents more the closer I get to that stage. For now, I just want to get the Stang on the build table.


New to GSN!
Everyone with all these plans for new biplanes, someone needs to get to work on a 100cc version of this :)

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Pitts Samson
Hey BipeGuy03. I am planning to build a 120CC version of Samson Mite. Any chance you could share the source of your three view, or any CAD drawings you have. Looks like it has been while since you were active on this site. I will be at Toledo this weekend. Thanks!


This is my 1/4 scale SE-5A Flying at The Blue Max event at Sanford, Florida. I will be putting her up for sale soon.