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Sig/Jetco PT-19

I've had an old kit in the back of a closet for years now and decided to take a look and see what it was I stuffed back there. It's a Sig 1/6 PT 19. Does anyone have any advice on this kit, building wise? Any info on a fiberglass cowl and scale gear would also be great! Thanks.


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    IMG_4955 (2).JPG
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Sig made great kits with great instructions.

I believe this is the same as the Jetco. I'll probably have to get some glassing info from you when I'm ready to build this thing. I'm sure I'll have to make a cowl. Or at least attempt it!


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Guys, you talk like Sig is no more. They are still in business and still make great kits. You can find them at Sigmfg.com