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Discussion The I’m Going/Went Flying Thread


640cc Uber Pimp
Looks like you had a great time! Good taste in transmitter selection as well!!
Futaba 18SZ for many years now. I hope I can return again soon! It was a hoot.
Rainy? Looks like a monsoon……..

All the rain was temporary. . . I'm used to rain... sure there was a torrential downpour a couple times... I was prepping for a flight along with four other people when the wind changed directions and I heard Neal Kapoloric say.... that's some serious rain headed this way lets get out of here. A ten year old was flying inverted and his dad said "roll that thing over and land now" "but dad, I'm inverted!?" "do it son"
LOL We barely made it.


Had the Champ out after the wing recover, most have done a better job painting. Last season I had 3 ounces of weight on the right wing tip to get the ailerons centered. Started with no weight and it took a few clicks of right to trim out. I have been chasing a miss after the engine warns ups, swapped ignition, no luck, thought it might be the IBEC because it ran fine when plugged into a battery last season, new IBEC from AJ. Telemetry installed on the ignition side of the power plugs indicates steady voltage on two flights. Ordered a new hall sensor this morning along with the timing tool (Ignition was converted to Rcexl). Will see what happens.

IMG_3304 (1).jpg
Glad to see you have it back in the air.
Also got a question! How do you work the pushrod exits through the covering? Do you use a ply backer underneath the fabric? Thanks Tony.


Got about six flights in today at the Indiana Flyers Club field. Was nice early but got a little windy later in the day. Also flew my friend Kenny's AJ Slick or something like that. He put KS cans in it over the winter, still has plenty of power and sounds a lot better, DA 120
CD'ing a fun fly at this field next week, hope to have a good turn out. We had a half dozen flyers there today.
Spent most of day practicing for the scale maneuvers, take off, fly past, figure 8, wing over, chandelle, 360 descending circle, standard landing pattern and finally landing. Got along way to go.