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The I'm going out flying thread 2016

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by Xpress, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Went flying today. Felt out of place since everybody has giants and I'm over here with my 40" DW Yak but whatever :spongebob:

    Kinda hot today, 84*, had to put a hat on at one point :cool:
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  2. tailskid

    tailskid 70cc twin V2

    And if you would have brought a rubber powered plane, all the attention would have been on you because you built it! Don't let another's opinion/stuff spoil your day - enjoy what you have!
  3. yakken

    yakken 100cc

    I got in seven flights on my 40% extra, two on my 40" dw foamie and three on my eflite micro xtra. :)
  4. sparkx38

    sparkx38 50cc


    LOL We hit 100* here today.
  5. tailskid

    tailskid 70cc twin V2

    We were about 105 today...but it is a dry heat :) and LA temps in the low 90's are a killer with all that humidity. Anyway, I stayed home and worked on a plane:)
  6. yakken

    yakken 100cc

    79* :)
  7. 95 today in florida when I maidened my 76" edge. Can't believe how that new little eme 35 handled the heat today. Like a champ.

    tomorrow I will go out at 9 am instead of 3..
  8. RJ 706

    RJ 706 70cc twin V2

    100 in Ga. sat.
  9. Crashmaster

    Crashmaster New to GSN!

    81 in Eastern NC. Went to the field yesterday. With all of the choices of planes for pilots to get exited about, chew the fat about, learn about, the one plane that a fellow club member brought out and got the most attention and questions was a small Discus Launch Glider of all things!

    Hey...I thought it was pretty cool!
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  10. It was 86 here in Ohio today, but the humidity was 92% ughhh...

    Anyway, flew my PAU ultimate today but it really was flying like crap, lol density altitude can be a real b*tch!!!

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