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Discussion Twist 60 ARF

Chris M

New to GSN!
I'm going to be putting together the Twist and needed some advice on Props and electronics. I currently have a DX6i. I ordered an OS 65AX at the recommendation of the guy at the hobby shop. He said that it will have enough power to pull me out of trouble with an instructor but not so much that it'll get me into trouble with too much speed.

How do I know what prop to put on this plane with this engine? Will the engine come with a recommendation?

I'm going to do an internet search on prop sizes and get a better understanding of what it means with a prop has a size of 14x6... currently I have no clue. That'll change in about 20 minutes though. I found a good article on it here Link

As far as servos, I know that Hanger-9 recommends some on the Horizon site. Are those going to be my best bet or is that just a guide?

Ok thats it for now. I'll have more later when I get the plane.

:mad:Damn you backordered airframe!:mad:


Prop size is best done by examining the manual for the motor and selecting one of the recommended sizes. On a glow motor you want the prop to be large enough to keep the motor from over-revving. And not so large that it keeps it from being able to spin up to the proper/needed rpm. The numbers refer to the prop diameter (first one) and the prop pitch. You have probably already figured that out though.
What do you intend to do with the Twist? The prop choice will be largely dependent on how you want to fly.
there is a chart in the article that OS has on their site listing some prop test data:
You can get some RPM readings and approx speeds that each prop will deliver. The Twist isn't made to be a speed plane, so I would toss out the 12x7 and 12x8. Probably go with something more like a 13x6 if it were me. Personally I always liked Xoar props, but also the Master Airscrew Scimitar s-2 props were pretty nice for 3d type stuff. They delivered nice thrust and pullout from a hover.
As for servos - use the recommended ones as a guide. On the twist 60 you will be using full size servos, not micro or mini. Generally the only number you really need to pay attention to is the torque rating. Make sure that what you put in is at least as powerful as the recommended ones. The speed one is personal preference, I much prefer servos in the .09-.13 range. Slower than .15 and I don't like them for 3d. But that's me. For sport flying it won't matter. Depends what you want to do...

Chris M

New to GSN!
To start some sport flying with my club. Most of the guys are pattern fliers but there are several 3d guys that I have been chatting with. My goal is to be flying 3d by next fall. This plane was described as a gateway plane. It bridges the gap between the pattern flier trainer I've been flying to the more aggressive 3d planes. I'm looking forward to picking it up. Supposedly it'll ship to me today. I'm still waiting for my Engine too.

Thanks a ton for the input on the props, and for the link.


The Twist would be a bit of a crossover plane to be sure. For pure full on 3d I would go with something else, but to start playing with more acrobatic/aggressive planes, it will do. It should be capable of hovers and harriers, which are a solid building block for all other 3d moves. It is very fragile though, on relatively minor crashes they break right behind the wing.

For learning 3d I have found that profile planes are hard to beat. Something like the Sabre 47 or Sabre 56 from valuehobby.com, or Ohio Model Products has a Yak profile plane, or if you are willing to take on a full kit build I would definitely recommend a Mojo 60 from swanyshouse.com
But if you can't bear the look of a profile, then take a look at maybe the Precision Aerobatics Addiction X. Nice and floaty, good 3d trainer. More aggressive 3d planes would be anything from 3dhobbyshop.com or extremeflight.com


Don't forget the Sabre X, also from ValueHobby! Same basic wing design and designer as the profile Sabres, but with a full fuse. *VERY* easy to do harriers and hovers with and a lot cheaper to get in the air than the Twist.



Good choice too! I've been half tempted to get one of those SabreX's. I built two kits of the Sabre 56 profile versions and loved them both. Spaz designs some nice planes.


I see him post most often on theprofilebrotherhood.com. A bit on rcgroups as spastic. Never seen him here though.


The Twist 60 is a fun plane for sure! I have one...with a Saito FA-115 and a 15x6 prop...but really a 16x4W APC is the best prop (I had that on my plane before it crashed - engine quit during a hover ;() but I bought another airframe. :)

Chris M

New to GSN!
An Update;
My Engine will be here Monday. For some reason it didn't get ordered right away. I wanted to get it on the break in stand this weekend but I guess not. The airframe is another story. I'm not sure when its coming in. Its still on backorder. Gives me some time to play with the micro Heli I picked up today;)