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What Cam software you using?


640cc Uber Pimp
A bunch of free training info here:


CAD\CAM can be a bit of a challenge t wrap you head around....get the basics and just dive in. The first attempt will be a struggle but keep with it and it'll come quickly.
Thank you for that will spend some looking through the site see what I can find to get me through one concept. Once I get the hang of I will designing some new planes for my self. Spent many years in start of my career in the engineering department on the board. The last drawing I made was in 1991. Thanks.


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Nice job good looking plane. Do you compete with the plane or did you do just for enjoyment.

Thank you, Snoopy1... This started out as just a one-off sport plane for myself, but it gained some interest when I entered it at the Toledo Show this year. As a minimum I'll be making the plans available in the future.