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Wild Wednesday!!! 24 Hrs ONLY!


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2016 Container Tracking

It's that time again! RedwingRC has a container on the water!

Lots of cool planes and other goodies are packed up and on the way!

You will find container tracking located on our home page.

Ship to Train to Transport Yard to Warehouse!

Check back to SEE the updated status of the Container!






30cc Slick 540 Now Available for Pre-Order!

Arriving on Container!




Check it out!

Arriving on our NEXT Container! June 2016


*For updated container tracking, check The RedwingRC Home page*


NEW 30cc Slick 540

Only $200 down.

Pre-Order TODAY on Wild Wednesday and get $50 back in Redwing Bucks!!!

$50 Gift Certificate will be issued once remaining balance is paid.

Pay in full and get your $50 NOW!


*If pre-order is placed and then cancelled, gift certificate cannot be issued.

*Gift certificate has no cash value

Learn more at



Please Note:

All discount codes must be applied at checkout in order to receive sale prices. Orders cannot be changed after they are processed.

Discounts do not apply to previous purchases.

Please do not respond to this e-mail

Please send your questions or comments to warehouse@redwingrc.com
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