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Apparently my 3W/DA prop drilling guide is NOT for larger engines (DA). Drilled my 31x13 prop for a DA but found out the hard way. Can I do this and redrill?


Pumped full of Hysol.



Staff member
I’m going to vote no on that one brother. Just not worth the risk to save $100 bucks or so. Use it for a display piece or something.


I could have swore that the 170 is the same pattern as the 150/200, it just uses 6mm bolts instead of 5mm. My zdz uses the 5mm bolt, same pattern as the 150/200. I had a 3 blade 29 x 12 EVO that was drilled for the 6mm bolts and I glued in some hollow CF tube and drilled it for the 5mm bolts. It has worked great for the last 5 years. No issues at all.


Not the bolt size but the bolt pattern. And i drilled for a DA 120, not 150.
That sucks!! I would try drilling the hysol out and filling with solid cf rod. Then I would drill in a fresh spot for the new pattern. Should be solid as long as the cf rod is tight.


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Oh man, That's a bummer. I'd try and sell it to someone used, and get a new prop. Otherwise, Id rough sand the inside of the holes with like 40grit, then tape off the bottom. Get some carbon fibers and chop them up about the width of the hole, mix with slow curing epoxy and pack them tightly in the holes squishing out as much epoxy as I could. Considering these props are laminated carbon, I have no idea what the core is comprised of. it's almost like a light phenolic of some sort. By creating a bunch of holes in the surface I think you are effetely weakening the tensile strength of the laminate skin. I just don't think it's worth the effort or risk personally.


The Falcon CF prop that was on the Cherokee had a wood filler, it was a light gray color. When I drilled it the filler looked almost white and it is a gummy substance.