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From MaxAmps.com: MaxAmps introduces a lower center of gravity battery option to compete in the drone racing market. The 1850mah 4s batteries have been engineered to reduce height and increase performance for racing drones. Using authentic 12awg Deans Ultra wire, the...
Wondering what most people are flying these days wanting to get a new indoor plane.
F3P or Indoor Aerobatics has started as a class, where young pilots could show their skills without spending a fortune or hours and hours on building their models. This has changed significantly over the past few years and the number of participants ist shrinking. and so is the availability for simple F3P models....
Need a muffler for an OS GT33 gas engine. Would prefer to buy a JTec muffler. OS depending on the price.
When you need a durable and tough surface on your model airplane parts, nothing comes cloth the fiberglass cloth and resin. The provide a smooth sub surface for primer and painted finishes and once you’ve done it couple of times, it becomes very easy to do. Here’s some Tips how I do it for the sub-wing of my...
Hey guys, Joe Hunt is hosting yet another fun event this November at the Hemet Model Masters Club!! If you're tired of the cold weather by then and just want to get away from it all and soak up some of the Southern California sunshine, not to mention break out the big birds for one last fly in, then this event is...
Hello Everybody, I have been practicing on my two sims for a while now. So, I have just started my search for a plane - gas preferred. I have looked at the Aeroworks Trainer and maybe a biplane. My dad told me he learned on a Pitts when there were no sims and that was his first plane - but his Dad taught him. Like...
Would it be possible to find an electric motor that would fly this plane for a sport flier only.
I am interested in building a pilot 35% extra. Pilot recommends a gas motor from 100cc to 120cc. What would be an electric motor equivalent to these gas motors.