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3DHobbyShop 51" AJ Slick

Discussion in 'ExtremeFlight/3DHS' started by Park_Aviator, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. From Bonedoc:

    AJ Slick – Developed by Andrew Jesky

    51” Wingspan
    530 Square inches wing area
    Weight 55-60 oz.

    One-piece molded carbon fiber main landing gear
    Aluminum HD wheel axles
    HD wheels
    Tiller-style tailwheel
    Double-ball link/phenolic hardware package
    New “AJ” color scheme done in Ultracote
    Pre-drilled firewall w/ installed blind nuts
    One-piece pre-molded canopy hatch with spring latch
    Heavy-duty fully pre-assembled motor box
    composite-reinforced landing gear plate

    Intended for 150-170g outrunner motors (Hacker A30-XL, Torque 2812, GR 45, MotrolFly 2825)

    13-15” props
    3S 2500-3200mah
    4S 2200-3200mah

    Recommended motor combination includes:
    Hacker A30 12XL on APC 14x7E and Airboss Elite 80, and 4S 2200 - 3000 Lipo

    Other motors capable of powering the AJ Slick:
    Hacker A30 10XL: 14x7 - 15x7 APC E on 3S 3000-4000 Lipo
    APC 13x6.5E on 4S 2200-3000 20C Lipo

    Torque 2814T/820: APC12x6E on 4S 2200 -3000 Lipo,
    (APC 13x6.5) possible with good throttle management

    (note Power 25 and Power 30 are too long to fit inside the Slick cowling)

    Other possible ESC to use:
    CC Phoenix 60 and 80 (with external BEC)
    Hacker X70 Pro
    Jeti Master Spin 66

    Torque 2812/720 + AB Elite 60
    Hacker A30 12XL + X70 Pro
    GR 45 + Airboss 60

    Notes from the Ben–

    Andrew has designed a fantastic airplane for us. When we started this project, Andrew’s design goal was to produce an airplane with all the performance and features of a giant-scale plane in a medium-electric size. He wanted high-quality hardware, a strong design, very easy assembly – and this ARF delivers all that – along with stunning flight performance. No rock harrier, excellent snapping performance, powerful rudder…it’s all here in the AJ Slick. Watch for HD video of the Slick at SEFF on Fred Midgett’s Flightpass video site.

    Slick Virtual Cockpit (Thanks to G.P!!!)
  2. Fliprob17

    Fliprob17 SITE SPONSOR

  3. Subscribed
  4. 3dNater

    3dNater 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    Thanks Park Aviator. Subscribing. This was by far my favorite plane. RIP. When I have the cash I'll replace it but right now funds are limited. I'm guessing I'll have to wait until the next batch.
  5. I couldn't agree more. This is one of those planes that I always plan on having in my hangar. It's just that good.

  6. Mine with a load of bits and pieces was despatched from adchobbyshop yesterday, so I'm subscribing to this thread, I'll post some info on how the build goes after it arrives.

    So what the target flying weight with this model?

    Mine will be set up with a ICE-75Lite esc, HS-85MG servos, Motrolfly DM 3615 750kv motor, I was thinking of trying the ZIPPY Compact 2700mAh 4S 25C Lipo Packs, they come in at 265g, any thoughts?
  7. Fliprob17

    Fliprob17 SITE SPONSOR

    59-62oz. seems to be the range with packs around that size.

    that's with the Hacker A30-12XL so I don't know how the motors compare weightwise
  8. 3dNater

    3dNater 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    Hi Steve. Thanks for dropping in ;) 3dhs publishes the flying weight between 55-63 oz. A 4s 2200 pack is going to put you toward the bottom of that range. I think the 2700 is going to put you toward the mid range. You will have to verify that as you do your build. My 4s 2200 packs are right around 245 grams so you are only adding 20 grams going with your 2700. That is less than an oz heavier than my setup. Your motrofly motor may weigh a few grams more than the hacker as well. I am not certain on that. Losifanatic would be able to tell you for sure.

    In short I think you are going to be just fine with that setup and it should be really nice. The only reservation I have at all is the 20c rating on the packs. They are only rated for 54 amps and you may be wanting to pull closer to 70 at times with the motrofly since we know it is capable of 1000 watts easily. 30c packs would give you a lot more power capacity in this situation (81A).

    Just for fun here is a video of Losifanatic flying his slick at around 70 oz with a humungo pack.

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 22, 2012
  9. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    I've got one of these puppies too....great plane! flies just like the 70" and 89" i've got. I've only got about 10 flights on the 51" so far, but it definitely rocks!
  10. Thanks for the feedback :)

    Awesome video 3Dnater

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