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Aeroworks Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L

Discussion in 'Manufacturer's Announcements and Discussions' started by gyro, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    Review by John Jennings: http://www.3drcforums.com/content.php?153-Aeroworks-Extra-260-Freestyle-QB-L

    Jonathan Jennings flying his:

    Pics from the San Antonio Superfly2:
    DSCF0514.jpg DSCF0513.jpg DSCF0512.jpg DSCF0511.jpg DSCF0510.jpg DSCF0503.jpg DSCF0502.jpg DSCF0501.jpg DSCF0500.jpg

    Fourtitude's Jason flying his:

    From the Aeroworks Website: (http://www.aero-works.net/store/detail.aspx?ID=518)

    Aeroworks is proud to add the new 30cc Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L (Quick Build-Light Series) to our growing line of airplanes. Designed with the demanding 3D pilot in mind, this new airplane features many exciting and revolutionary concepts that are sure to make it the hit of your hangar.​
  2. i have been jooking for a home for my dle 30 i think i might have found it
  3. yea that freestyle extra is a nice looking plane.

    i wish i would have bought that 48" EF edge from you. that was a nice deal on that. so what planes do you have now?
  4. I'm making a QQ yak electric it is almost done I have a EF 60" extra 64" mxs that I just started on a small sebart kantana 49" and a real small profile would love to have more but try to keep around 5 to 7 planes to keep better half happy I sold edge to finish up yak I got a dle 30 in on trade so now I need a airframe for it
  5. This airframe might be a little large for my dle 30 from what I read its almost a pound heavier than other 30 cc planes and I think 79" wingspand

  6. i bet u like that 64 mxs
  7. What balsa plane did you buy I'm guessing a osaris by your profile pic a guy at my club flies the 62" version looks good in the air
  8. I hope I like the mxs I think I will the 60" extra is my favorite so far
  9. yea i got the osiris and 3dhs 48" edge, in the near future getting the yak and plan on getting the 64" mxs but i still havent maidened my osiris and edge.
  10. FlyingFrankie

    FlyingFrankie 30cc

    I'm liking this plane! Flies big but fits in a compact car! I got lucky and someone got some vid yesterday:


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