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Scale Building a Bulldog II

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale Scratch and Kit Build Threads' started by acerc, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. And If I don't drive him crazy before we get there, it will be a really nice short kit.
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  2. A few more additions to the top and bottom wing. I think this will do it. Unless we have more ideas to add. https://www.GiantScaleNews.com/forums/images/smilies/209.gif
    But I thin this looks like a solid wing construction with features included that aid in building a straight wing with interlocking parts.

    Mod top and bottom wing.gif
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  3. Some info on laser cutting. I have done quite a bit of CAD drawings, and I learned here and there a few things. When you draw something, for example a slot for stock balsa, you always compensate for the laser. It is just like your circular saw or band saw. You never cut on your line but a little bit over, otherwise your part is not the right size. Same goes with the laser. As for making other scale kits, I simply can not redraw every size kit people are requesting. As for now I have drawn a 100" wingspan, as this was the original size we planned to have, but then went to 86.5" wingspan. All slots and notches for the two sizes are made for standard stock balsa. Going smaller then 86.5 or larger than 100" will obviously have bigger or smaller slots. However they would be so minimal that an experience builder will have no trouble to go about it. Also, I will only have cowl, canopy and wheel pants for 100" wingspan available, in case somebody is interested.
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  4. After confirmation and looking over each and every part, the design is completed. Cutting the first kit will begin soon and building thereafter.
    I hope this kit and plane will satisfy the customer, as this was done according to his needs.

    I encourage others to join us with this build and post your pics of build here. If interested in a kit, please PM or send email to info@blazingwings.com
  5. Let the building begain!
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  6. Sorry guys, this build is on hold for a few months. Other things are taking priority such as Top Gun and house remodeling. But I will get to it as soon as the other stuff is over and done.
    Hey @Wacobipe, I finally got around to taking a couple pics of the dolly.

    Attached Files:

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  7. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Amazing what you can find when it is late at night and the rest of the world is sleeping. I got myself updated on your next project. What an undertaking this will be. And so very cool. Funny thing about these darned Bipes. They will bite you and everything else will become, "Meh...whatever". LOL. I really want a 41% or 52% Pitts. Maybe I should build one huh? Yeah, lemme think about that for a second or two....mmm, maybe not. LOL. I will be watching with great interest though as yours comes along. Enjoy Top Gun and hey, say howdy to Gerhardt for me.

    Now get busy with this build!!!
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  8. This is not the Pitts Bulldog, but the Pitts Challenger II, I have built. So now I am starting the covering process in Stits Poly Lite Farbic.
    Hope to get her done by next month.
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  9. You lucky dog! I am through the construction part of the remodel. Should be starting the painting next week so it won't be long now. I am getting a bit homesick so really pushing to get done.
    Curious as to which method you are using for adhering the fabric? I don't see the discoloration of the Polytak, or shading of Stixit.
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  10. Just brushed on polytak, dries almost instantly, then ironed on the fabric. Maybe Polytak changed the recipe?? There is no discoloration.
    Not using stixit.
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