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Sport Cappy cuts/builds an old school Ultra Hots with a few mods.

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale Scratch and Kit Build Threads' started by capthis, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. capthis

    capthis 70cc twin V2

    Thanks I have a couple other things to cover before I start stuffing this airplane but o hope to fly this one before spring.
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  2. capthis

    capthis 70cc twin V2

    Slight change of plans. I found Syssa engines mount with 3 ears in a triangle fashion and would fit perfectly on the firewall. I then went to the Syssa website only to find those engines are made of gold!

    But..... don't worry ole Cappy found one. [​IMG]

    I was just going to use a trusty G26 but me thinks this will power it much more better. I wanna hoover it ya know! 79637.jpeg 79634.jpeg
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  3. capthis

    capthis 70cc twin V2

    I've been working on the Hots this week. Made up my pushrods tonight. 4-40 all thread 2" pieces, CF tubes, hysol epoxy, and brass tubing or cut off 22lr empty shells.

    Not much room in the fuse for everything that needs to go in here. Guess I'm used to working on more spacious stuff.

    Looks like balance is coming out just aft of spar. I'm going to fly it there and see how it does.

    Curious to run this Syssa too. I don't think I've ever seen one before. 81587.jpeg 81590.jpeg
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  4. capthis

    capthis 70cc twin V2

    Ready to maiden. Weight is just under 12lbs and cg is just aft of recommended range. Without buying and aluminum spinner not much else I can do. Two 2500 life packs in the nose. Not sure when I'll get a chance for maiden but I'm excited! :) 81902.jpeg 81899.jpeg
  5. Nice! Looks great bro. Can't wait for a flight report.
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  6. capthis

    capthis 70cc twin V2

    Thanks I hope for good things :)
  7. capthis

    capthis 70cc twin V2

    Tried to maiden this afternoon. It was 40 something overcast and wind was only 12mph so pretty nice for January. [​IMG]

    Maiden didn't happen. [​IMG] I got some range issue to sort out. I think a satellite rx will solve that but the Hitec 5085 throttle servo let the magic smoke out. I've never had an issue with those before so I'm not sure what happened but I got more of them [​IMG]

    Jag got a few pics.... good news is the motor is the smoothest running motor I've ever seen!

    Very first start of the Syssa

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  8. Sounds pretty sweet. Hopefully you can get it lined out without too much fuss.
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  9. capthis

    capthis 70cc twin V2

    Flew today. Quick vid of second flight.

  10. Awesome! Great flying bro. And great job on the build. Looks like a fun little bird.
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