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Fort Smith Arkansas Fly Low In Sept. 19-22

Discussion in 'Events, Contests, Swap Meets' started by Jungle, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Jungle

    Jungle 50cc

    Well as the tittle says this year I am organizing a fly-low-in at my own local club. Many of you have been to the Huckfests in Hot Springs that I have organized over the last few years and the shreveport huckfest last year that I helped rob with. Here at my local club I have been organizing get together and fly-ins for several years that has always resulted in a packed house, but we could not do a BIG event (<50-60 pilots) because the parking area was just not big enough to have one. Well this last year we found out we were loosing the field as the new I-35 was going to put a ramp righ on top of our runway so the search started for a new field which we have now started to build on. By mid to late spring it will be in full working order with only the minor stuff left to do over the course of the summer. This brings us to our fly in. A first year event at a new field that is big enough to stretch your legs on and really enjoy. Our club has now a 30 acre field and would love to welcome you to the official grand opening at the 2013 Fort Smith Flight Masters Fly-Low-In proudly sponsored by 3D Hobby Shop. With the time gap we have betwen now and then, it leaves us some room to finalize some of the details like exactly what prizes will be raffled off, but this I can promise
    *big new field
    *plenty of room for camping or hotels less than 5 miles away with every restraunt you could hope for
    *Construction lights will be set up for night flying
    more details to come in the near future so chime in on any ideas you as the pilots would like to see

    With details to come
    Josh Price
  2. If I still live in Arkansas then I'm in!
  3. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    Can't wait to get back into Arkansas! Looking forward to attending this event already!
  4. Baughie

    Baughie 30cc

    count me in on this one:peace:
  5. Sounds like fun. If there's no scheduling conflicts, I'm in and I will bring the rest of the Kansas City group down as well.

  6. Bivens

    Bivens 50cc

    I'm up for it! It's been 2 years since I made a JP event!
  7. RotorJockey

    RotorJockey 70cc twin V2

    Not a definite, but I'm off work this weekend, so I'm gonna try to make this one too!

    That's 4 out of 5!!!

    Maybe Josh'll make me some chocolate cake!:quoties:

  8. Dunno about this one, but I'll add it to my calendar.
  9. I'm in! Looking forward to it :D
  10. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    Landon, you going to stay up in FS, or drive home each night?


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