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Scale Plans built P-51

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale Scratch and Kit Build Threads' started by Red Raider, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. image.jpg
    Here's an example of when it gets to dry to spread easily.
  2. image.jpg
    Here's the same spot after a spritz and a quick swipe with the spreader.
  3. image.jpg

    Here's what we're after. I did the entire upper portion of the 103" wing in about 30 minutes. The sanding will be minimal because with the water, the spackling has the consistency of mayonnaise and fills holes, and indentations while the rest of it scraped off.
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  4. Ok. It's been awhile since I've posted anything meaningful, mainly because it's been awhile since I've done anything. At least on the Mustang. As some of you know, I'm the new service rep for Syssa Engines. Besides all that, I took on a second job while my first one is working me to death. But things are getting better as I get closer to retirement.

    Now for the good stuff. I went to a skylight manufacturer and they gave me three small pieces of a white plastic. Each piece is 1/2x 1x 5". I got it to use as the attachment for the gear doors to the struts. I drilled a hole in it that matches the diameter of the strut then cut it in half. A couple of holes and a couple of screws put it back together, locked on the strut.
  5. image.jpg

    Here's a picture of what I'm talking about. The large end goes against the gear door, the small end is the cap. When screwed together, a pair of them should do the job.
  6. I had a lot of trouble with the Robart electric retracts. I've replaced 3 actuators so far. But, they're reinstalled and working for the time being. If they fail again, I will officially declare them to be junk, and insist that robart replace the electric actuators with pneumatic alternatives.
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  7. Well, a lot has happened since my last post. I retired, moved to the mountains of South East New Mexico, became a fire fighter and an avid golfer. But the call of RC is strong and the unfinished Mustang is a project that keeps me awake. So, with a new enthusiasm and the purchase of some more fiberglass cloth and West System epoxy, I'm back to work.
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  8. Wanting to use the very best spray paint (rattle cans) that I could use, I ordered several cans of Montana Gold. Don't waste your time and money on this stuff. The plan was to use the silver as a base coat. The finish feels like sand paper. Very low pressure, which is ok for control, no runs at all, the color is good, coverage is good, but the final finish is rough as a cob. I'm trying to smooth it out with scotch brite, but not worth the effort.
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    I guess allot has happened. Glad to see you back. . . . :way_to_go:
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  10. Thank You!! Good to be back. Went flying last Saturday and wound up coming home without flying. Fuel lines were hard as baling wire, and there was no spark. More maintenance, less wishful thinking!!
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