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3D Viper-ST 100-120cc scratch build......it continues!

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale Scratch and Kit Build Threads' started by Terryscustom, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. Terryscustom

    Terryscustom 640cc Uber Pimp

    Well for those of you that may have followed along for my thread on FG last Winter, I hope you find your way back here for this Winters building season. I have multiple projects going this build season including an RV-4 fun-scale build and some general repair / mods to the fleet. I may even do another prototype of my 37% MXS, or at least start on one but that will be after the Viper ST #4.

    For those that didn't catch my thread on FG I wish somehow I could get my 1250 post thread over here since there is tons of great tips and techniques from me and other contributors, but hey.....we'll just have to start over here with a whole new level of awesome.

    - The concept started as taking attributes from planes that I liked and make one hybrid out of it. The original was based on a DA70 twin. The plane basically has a sleek streamlined fuselage with an Edge 540 cowl, Extra 260 canoy, Extra 300 wings, Edge 540 Stabs and an MXS Rudder.

    - Then I got to eyeballing a couple 100cc engines I had and thought "hey, lets' take this up a notch" and the ST or "Sick and Twisted" version was born. Larger wings, relocated wings and slightly deeper rudder.....oh, and 100cc on a 25lb plane:dancing-chicken:

    - After those were done and flying I did a third one that is slightly more refined and has split ailerons and 120cc on the nose. It is simply the most stable plane that is also sickly fast that I have ever flown. The 100cc versions are basically like 100cc crack yaks, however they do fly clean. I did get one first place in Sportsman IMAC with the Yellow 120cc Viper so they are very clean and precise as well.

    The Orange Viper went on a pretty wide tour this Summer going to Kansas City Huckfest, Rapid City twice, Council Bluffs IA a few times and several other smaller events. I've had at least 10 people flying it from first time 100cc pilots to master Huckers like Jake Fahn. I have also buddy boxed a few people on the Yellow Viper and I keep hearing one thing that stands out the most "this thing is really easy to fly!". To me a true test of a good plane is not if a pro-pilot can make it look good but if the average Joe stick banger can look better than he is.....or makes him comfortable where before he was shaky. I buddy boxed a guy last weekend in DesMoines with the yellow 120cc Viper and he was just learning to do rollers with his 30cc plane. On his first try and two seconds of instruction on the yellow Viper he was doing perfect slow rollers.....a mile high, but hey that's cool!!!

    So, let's get started on this!!!!:banana-dancing-with:woohoo-dancing-bana:big dance:
  2. Terryscustom

    Terryscustom 640cc Uber Pimp

    I should note that the Orange Viper now belongs to [MENTION=230]Hawkeye Dave[/MENTION] - AKA - "Hawkeye Diamond Dave Dazzler". After watching him fly his Slick's this past weekend it could not have gone to a better dude. Enjoy!!

    The 70cc Viper is undergoing a transformation to "ST" in the way of new wings and a DLE120 on the nose. [MENTION=118]ericb[/MENTION] will be the new owner of that plane. He's come a long way in the past year with 3D flying and I'm looking forward to him flying the Viper-ST.

    For the Yellow one.....it is not for sale......the term "pry it out of my cold dead hands" comes to mind.:smile-new:

    BUT, there is hope for you if you want one!!! I'm working with Rick from Fibertech looking at a possible kit option. I have sent the foam files to him and he is currently working on options for CNC foam cutting for the wings, stabs, rudder, belly pan, turtle deck and canopy. I recently make a purchase of enough light ply and birch ply to cut almost 50 kits / prototypes for upcoming design ideas.

    I am also going to be cleaning up the canopy plug and sending that to Rick to vacuum some canopies. This also happens to be the same canopy as my MXS uses! On the prototypes I used an off the shelf cowl from an old discontinued kit. This will be my first attempt at a complete cowl from scratch.

    First I laid out a top front and side view in autocad based on photos of my prototype and the cad files for my prototypes. Then I lasered out foam cutting templates to do the rough shaping work. After that I've been doing a little sanding and am getting pretty close to fiber-glassing it and starting with various types of fillers and a LOT of sanding!!

    After talking with Rick I think the best option for the vents on top of the cowl is to make them separately so they can be added or left off. Also if built in place they will be largely just solid filler which will get heavy. If we do them separate then they can be thinner glass or maybe even vacuum formed for an ultra-lite solution that can be grafted onto the cowl.

    Here are a few pics for those that have not seen these planes, and a few pics of the current state of progress:

    19335=12691-1.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12682-10.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12681-11.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12680-12.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12679-13.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12678-14.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12677-15.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12676-16.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12675-17.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12690-2.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12689-3.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12688-4.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12687-5.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12686-6.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12685-7.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12684-8.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12683-9.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12671-image001.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12670-image002.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12669-image003.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12668-image004.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12667-image008.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12666-image009.jpg[​IMG] 19335=12672-_DSC1431.JPG][​IMG] 19335=12673-_DSC1432.JPG][​IMG] 19335=12674-_DSC1433.JPG][​IMG]
    ExtraNuts likes this.
  3. Terryscustom

    Terryscustom 640cc Uber Pimp

    Current cowl progress:

    19336=12698-image001.jpg[​IMG] 19336=12699-image002.jpg[​IMG] 19336=12700-image003.jpg[​IMG] 19336=12701-image004.jpg[​IMG] 19336=12702-image005.jpg[​IMG] 19336=12703-image006.jpg[​IMG]
  4. Russ42

    Russ42 30cc

    Sounds like a great plan , I'd sure like to have one and if you guys decide to kit them please put my name at the top of the list . I followed and read all of your builds and you really make it look easy . I can see a hole lot of building in my future . Thanks again for those control horns they fit perfect .

  5. Daytonarc

    Daytonarc 70cc twin V2

    How did you get it to meet the 10% scale rule?

  6. Terryscustom

    Terryscustom 640cc Uber Pimp

    We only have a couple of events in the Midwest and we don't get that picky. It's all about having fun and helping each other. That is what made IMAC so fun for me this year and I can't wait till next year!!

    Plus, unless you get pictures and drawings of full scale models out if you take off the cowl it is extremely close to a full scale MXS.

    19347=12705-2.jpg[​IMG] 19347=12704-side view.jpg[​IMG]
  7. Taildraggerrc

    Taildraggerrc 70cc twin V2

    Awesome Terry look forward to this!

    PS: When another one of those vipers leaves your fleet the real "dazzler" is in need:)!
  8. Terryscustom

    Terryscustom 640cc Uber Pimp

    If this comes together I may entertain the idea of doing a small run of RTC or ARF builds. If I build 2-3 at a time it can be done pretty efficiently especially with Rick doing the foam work via CNC!! They obviously won't be ARF prices, but they also don't fly like a stick built ARF. I can't wait to hear what Hawkeye thinks of his.
  9. Terry as I sat here watching quietly waiting for fall, and word of refinements to viper st and even better news of fibertech help with cowl and canopy. I have been tossing between this and slick all summer but like viper looks a little better so subd and waiting to be ordered. Put me on the list again plz

  10. Terryscustom

    Terryscustom 640cc Uber Pimp

    No list yet, we are running the numbers and working on finalizing the cowl. There is much work to be done, but you just never know. I have some ideas and you won't miss it if we release them as a kit:friendly_wink:

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