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Recent content by Olie

  1. Olie

    What's Up With 3DHS??

    We get the dregs of the U.S. Order. Basically what ever didn't fit in the containers destined for the USA. There are no manufacturing runs for our order, we just get a list of what is left over and order from that.
  2. Olie

    What's Up With 3DHS??

    3d Hobbyshop Australia. Awesome service/10 They are certainly doing the best they can within our limited market down here.
  3. Olie

    3D photofest, post your good shots

      It was fine in the end, Full left aileron and a bit of elevator and rudder, just a lovely wide left arc on one wheel until it came to a stop.   And a few more pics of the park thrasher for good luck....  
  4. Olie

    3D photofest, post your good shots

    The 72" "Park Flyer"     Something is missing from the 104" here... 
  5. Olie

    It Can Happen...and It can Happen FAST

    A friend of mine lost his garage, car and most of his rc stuff in a lipo fire. Now I charge on the concrete floor with 1/2 paving bricks between each pack when parallel charging. That way if one pack combusts, it is very hard for the one next to it to become compromised.
  6. Olie

    Near Miss: Scorecard: Bird 1 Plane 1 = tie!

    I had a group of magpies attacking my extra the other day while I was flying around. I pulled into a harrier to bring her in for a landing; suddenly "pop" and a magpie fell to the ground. After landing I went to inspect the bird for damage, poor thing was decapitated. My...
  7. Olie

    Why do you love this hobby?

    Started with rc cars maybe 7 years ago, and got bored real quick. I then moved onto planes, but once agin got a bit "over it" after a few big crashes in a row. A few years later I got inspired after talking to someone I worked with to get back into it again. Bought a new...
  8. Olie

    My wife says.....

    We have an agreement :) As long as the bills get paid on time, all is good. She would rather I go out and fly planes with my mates than go to the pub and drink with them. Hell she even gave me the spare bedroom as an indoor workshop/ plane storage room.
  9. Olie

    72" Extra 330SC

    re-maidened! 5 flights down now
  10. Olie

    72" Extra 330SC

    Some updates to my 72" I pulled off an amazing manoeuvre a week or so ago. The full throttle KE landing! Since there are no kits left in Australia, I was forced to rebuild, and so began a huge learning curve in sheeting balsa and covering wings. First up things needed a bit of "forced...
  11. Olie

    So where is everyone from? Countries? States?

    7525=2867-ImageUploadedByTapatalk1408445261.201560.jpg The Deep South. 'Stralya C*nt
  12. Olie


    Double post.
  13. Olie


    Just PM people an embedded jpg with the website address. Host the picture off site obviously. Since anything GSN is blocked.
  14. Olie


    Also don't forget you can get a lot of information into a jpg... A picture can be a thousand words.
  15. Olie

    'ello from the deep south

    This forum needed more Australia. So I arrived!