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hangar 9

  1. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    For Trade Hangar9 138'' RTF Decathlon sale or trade

    Would like to trade or sale 2400$ or trade Rx ready Dla112 Promodeler servos brand new Pictures dose no justice on how big she is Looking for a 42% aeroworks ultimate War bird Scale Carf anything Really wanting the Aeroworks ultimate Text 8153838490 Located in Illinois! Will meet for...
  2. AKNick

    110" TIMBER Assembly Thread

    110" TIMBER - HANGER 9 - ASSEMBLY/BUILD THREAD Horizon Hobby Product Link: Here 110" Timber Manual: Here AKNick Completed Timber!! From the Website: Key Features High quality balsa and plywood construction provides a strong and lightweight airframe Vibrant and eye-catching UltraCote...
  3. tailskid

    SOLD! 1/3 Scale Cap 232 by Hangar 9 NIB!

    I have a NIB 1/3 Scale Cap 232 ARF that I would like to get $650 for and if you are interested, please let me know. I'm in the Phoenix AZ area.
  4. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    News Mike McConville Announces He Resigns from Horizon Hobby

    Anyone who is in the hobby is well known with the name Mike McConville. He has blown our minds in the RC market for years! In 1996 Mike Moved to Champaign Il to Work for Horizon Hobby were he has spend MANY years as head of Hangar 9 Producing some of the best flying planes that have hit the...
  5. Jetpainter

    GSN GIVE-A-WAY Hangar 9 35% Extra 300X Assembly

    This thread will be for the assembly of the Hangar 9 Extra 300X I was fortunate to win here on GSN. My plan is to assemble it as I collect parts. It may unfortunately take a while with cash being tight, especially around the holidays, so bare with me. I'm also going to repost the pics I've...
  6. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    New Product Hangar 9 Model 12 Viking 120cc 89" ARF

    From: Horizon Hobby This is Truly Exciting for me as I hope it is to many more of you. I am a Biplane Nut! Looking Forward to having this one in my hangar very soon! Introducing the NEW Hangar 9 Model 12 Viking 120cc 89" ARF Everyone has seen the...
  7. Bartman

    Win a Hangar 9 60cc Corsair!

    Contest is being run to raise money for the Scale Nationals http://nasascale.org/raffle.htm