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Staff member
From: Horizon Hobby


This is Truly Exciting for me as I hope it is to many more of you. I am a Biplane Nut! Looking Forward to having this one in my hangar very soon!

Introducing the NEW Hangar 9 Model 12 Viking 120cc 89" ARF

Everyone has seen the Hangar 9 BNF Viking Model 12 that has not only the beautiful looks, but performance to go along with it from its powerful brushless 280-size outrunner motor! This Biplane Quickly gained attention! The Model 12 Viking is one of the most powerful biplanes ever unleashed on the airshow circuit. This giant-scale replica has been expertly designed and built to deliver awe-inspiring 3D performance using any of the most popular 100-125cc engines.


Now introducing the NEW and Improved Bigger Brother, The Viking 120cc 89'' Pitts s12 ARF!


  • Giant-scale replica of an airshow stunner
  • Lightweight, balsa/plywood construction
  • Painted 2-piece fiberglass cowl
  • Painted aluminum landing gear and fiberglass wheelpants
  • Vibrant UltraCote® trim scheme
  • 2-Piece plug-in wings
  • Large fuselage hatch with matching finish and clear canopy
  • Pre-hinged control surfaces
  • Lightweight, carbon-fiber wing tubes
  • Scale flying wires for the tail
  • Accepts a variety of exhaust options (mufflers, canisters and pipes)
  • Tail wheel assembly with carbon fiber bracket
  • Includes all necessary hardware

Needed To Complete
What's in the box?

  • 100-125cc 2-stroke gas/petrol engine and exhaust
  • Full-range, 9+ channel transmitter and receiver
  • 8 High-torque, metal-gear servos with extensions
  • Batteries for receiver and ignition system
  • Propeller
  • Tools and adhesives
  • (1) Model 12 Viking 120cc ARF
  • (1) User Manual

Scandinavian Airshow is a professional team with over 30 years of airshow experience. In 2013, they unleashed one of the most powerful aerobatic biplanes ever conceived - the Model 12 Viking. Designed by Kevin Kimball, built by Jim Kimball Enterprises and flown by Jacob Hollander, it has wowed millions all over the world. Everything about it, right down to the custom trim scheme by Mirco Pecorari of Aircraft Studio Design, is without equal.

This giant-scale Hangar 9 replica is every bit the stunner its full-scale inspiration is. Matched with any of the most popular 100-125cc gas engines, it will perform show-stopping 3D maneuvers with competition-level precision. And its fit and finish is every bit as good as anything an expert modeler could build from scratch.

Lightweight, Laser-Cut Balsa/Ply Construction

The model has been expertly built to exacting standards with the finest balsa and plywood available. The result is an ARF model that goes together easily and flies with laser-true precision.

Painted Aluminum Landing Gear with Fiberglass Cowl and Wheel Pants

As with the airframe, the landing gear, split cowl and wheel pants are made from the best materials available. And all are painted to perfectly match the vibrant UltraCote® film trim scheme.

Carbon-Fiber Wing Tubes and Tail Wheel Bracket

Both the upper and lower wings benefit from the strength of carbon fiber wing tubes that can easily withstand the stress of aggressive 3D aerobatics. The tail wheel bracket is also reinforced with carbon fiber for extra durability without extra weight.

Firewall Pre-Drilled for Popular 100-125cc Gas Engines

The bolt pattern drilled into the firewall makes it easy to mount any of the most popular 100-125cc engines

Airfoil Shape: Symmetrical
Approximate Assembly Time: 20+ Hours
CG (Center of Gravity): 63mm behind leading edge of lower wing. Range 60-70mm.
Completion Level: Almost Ready-to-Fly
Engine Size: 100cc - 125cc
Flaps: No
Flying Weight: 26-28 lb (12-13 kg)
Landing Gear: Yes
Length: 87.0 in (2.21 m)
Material: Balsa
Retracts: No
Size/Scale: Giant
Spinner Size: 6 inch
Trimscheme Colors: Deep Blue, Cub Yellow, Silver
Wing Area: 2490 sq in (161 sq dm)
Wing Tube Length: 33.75 in (858 mm) (upper and lower). Anti-rotation pin: 335mm.
Wing Tube OD: 1.0 in (25.4 mm) (upper and lower). Anti-rotation pin: 8mm.
Wingspan: 89.2 in (2.26 m)

Check out horizon hobby online to see more info and pictures!


Staff member
I love the scheme!
Is it truly the same airframe as the beast?

There are few differences such as the wing tips, the beast are curved and these arnt. There is an extra inch or so of fuse length on the Viking. Im sure I will find more the more I look into this model


AWESOME model!!!

Don't know the team at Horizon responsible for bringing this one to market, but congratulations to them and to the full scale team of Jacob, Kevin, JKE, and Mirco!!