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  1. AKNick

    89" SkyWing Laser 260 V2 Assembly Thread

    SkyWing 89" Laser 260 V2 Assembly Thread KQ scheme (White, Blue, Green) Note that the color scheme is now a bit different with a lighter blue than pictured above. Not sure about all of you guys, but with Covid19 lurking around destroying our travel plans, vacations, and mental health...
  2. Bartman

    A Classic! Lanier 1/3 Scale Laser 200, DLE 61, Hitec Servos

    I'll post photos later tonight but here's what I've got.... It was built by an older gentleman back around 2001 and flown about 50 times, he logged each flight. I bought it earlier this year and removed about 3.5 pounds by replacing the Zenoah G62 with a low time DLE61. I also swapped out the...
  3. P

    For Sale WS Godfrey laser, LA

    BME-102 Vess wooden prop. Aluminum spinner Savox sc-0254 on throttle Hitec 5945 on elevators Can't see the rudder servo Hitec 5945 on ailerons Miracle switch $1200 Or Best Offer. It must go!! beautiful airplane. The pictures don't do it justice!!!
  4. SupaTim

    SupaTim builds a 73" AJ Laser!!

    Hey everyone, SupaTim here! Got my hands on the awesome new 73" AJ Aircraft Laser 230z and figured no better place than 3DRCF to post up my build and review!! The plan is to build this from an "everyday guy" kind of perspective with components and accessories that (in my experience) offer the...