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89" SkyWing Laser 260 V2 Assembly Thread


640cc Uber Pimp
SkyWing 89" Laser 260 V2
Assembly Thread
KQ scheme (White, Blue, Green)​


Note that the color scheme is now a bit different with a lighter blue than pictured above.

Not sure about all of you guys, but with Covid19 lurking around destroying our travel plans, vacations, and mental health... I've been building airplanes and using the money I could have spent on a beach somewhere to enjoy a new airframe or two. . . I spoiled myself!

Truth be told I got this at the end of July but have been finishing other projects before getting into it and gathering all my goodies in the process.

SkyWing 89" Laser 260 V2
89" W x 89.4" L
1328 sq-in
17.5-18.5 lbs
Box Dimensions: 15x28x74 @38#

My Setup:
Falcon 25x9CF SW
Savox 2290 All surfaces with NWRC Arms
Pro Modeler DS305CLHV Throttle
Tech Aero HV UIBEC
J&J Standard Tailwheel Assy
SpotOn RC 4" wheels
NWRC Fuel Dot
Booma RC Multi-Switch
2x Pulse 2250mAh 2S LiPo's
Futaba R7008SB x2
Futaba 18SZ
Futaba SBS-01T Temperature Telemetry Sensors
Hanson Hobbies 20AWG wires to the tail
AMASS MR30 connectors for the Elevators

I am still unsure whether to get a MTW RE3 pipe or go stock. . .

Big shout out to SupaTim at NWRC for supplying and offering stellar customer service as always:

So stay tuned fellas, here we go!


640cc Uber Pimp
First things first. Hitting everything over with an iron.

230-240F the metalic covering sticks
250F it pulls and the white backing will show around the edges.
260F bad things happen. Be very careful and don’t use a heat gun. Low temp is your friend.
I had a hard time with the sock, so it came off.
986DE06E-6712-47CF-9ABA-C85AF323DC14.jpeg 22EC5706-CD4A-4717-8515-DCC8448D0090.jpeg

Before and after tacking down the trim better. I will say that they use dull blades too often. Pretty jagged here and there.
74485C32-3346-4819-B94D-809625E6F3DA.jpeg D840C58E-8A6A-44B4-89C2-DA3A7C56C78D.jpeg

Skywing likes to put little arrows where something is hiding... like an easy scavenger hunt. In this case it's where to open up the rudder servo bay.
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640cc Uber Pimp
Here are a few inside pics.

Gotta day that this whole carbon/fiber/laminate is 100% eye candy.


check our all the powerplant options etched into the firewall. Even the new DLE65! I was considering it over the GP76, but I don’t like to be a test pilot for new engines... although I hear the DLE130 is a splendid engine.

And yes, they do provide some stickas! 6B149660-0423-4D84-BCD1-A9679DD82C43.jpeg


640cc Uber Pimp
Looks like a beautiful plane. Like everything about it and it is well equipped. Did not mess around when you were getting all the extras. Yes I will be following with interest.