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Scale 1/3 Scale Extra 330L Build.


640cc Uber Pimp
Still just doing some small touch ups and little things made a better throttle extension and some wire clips and holders to cleanup the wiring. Cleaned up the choke mechanism and made some canopy hold down bolts. I guess just messing around and trying to make the plane a little more friendly to use and robust.
Tried to mix up some water colour paints to see if I can match the orange, sorry to say I failed. Still have not forgotten the suggestion to use covering. I would really like to try it but my fear is if I make a mess of it and pull the covering of will the paint come off as well? That would not be good and do not want to start over on cowl.


Where I'm going with this is do yourself a favor and take a wing to the auto body supply store and have them color match a base coat clear coat paint. I use Omni brand, it is PPG lower cost brand, works great a RC airplane, a pint might be $30-$40 bucks for the base color. Attached are two photos one painted in 2005 the second from 2019 from the same can of yellow and orange. Could do another paint job from what is left. The initial outlay may seem high but if you use the same colors, the cost will be spread over several airplanes. These colors were Monokote colors. It hurt a little in 2005 when I had to but 5 base colors but that was an exception.


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640cc Uber Pimp
Ok you convince me going to look for a body shop and see what I can find thanks for help and advice.

Richard Turner

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Hi, I'm a new member in giant scale news. Been a member in GiantScaleNews for years. Any how. Bought a GP extra 330L kit from a club member. Everything was there except the rolled up planes. Any chance I can buy or you can copy the planes for me. Kinda hard to build from just that manual that came with the kit. May you can suggest where I might get the planes. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
**** Turner