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Scale 112” - Taylorcraft by HeyLuc & Snoopy.


640cc Uber Pimp
Both the wings are done all the gluing is done just needs final sanding and finishing. Will be starting the rudder and stabilizer next.
one thing scratch building to day is not easy, buying and getting good light balsa wood is very difficult it has become expensive and good wood I believe is no longer available.



640cc Uber Pimp
Where do you source your balsa?
About 8 years ago a place called Trillium balsa in Delhi. But they have closed shop. For some reason just before they closed he had some logs of balsa left that I bought. All at around 8 to 9 lbs. not bad but not great. I have been cutting it into sheets and using it. Not fun cutting is not so bad but then standing it down to be smooth and useable is another thing. Will use up what I have but not do it again, just to much work.
Was planning to buy balsa sheets but got the price for the wood for the plane and that is when I decided to cut up the logs and use them.


I remember seeing the Trillum booth at Toledo. I buy from National Balsa, I stock up when they are at a show with specials.

Waiting to see how the trailing edge work out.


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Well making progress slowly. The stabilizer is framed up and with a little sanding it will be ready to sheet one side. Still have to decide how to finish the stabilizer tips, whether to cut the tips off and it to the elevator. Not sure right now.



640cc Uber Pimp
Having some difficult trying to sheet it the stabilizer bends in two directions and having some difficulty trying to get the sheeting lay down on the stabilizer. Working on it hopefully I can find away to get it sheeted.