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Scale Bud Nosen 1/4 Scale Cub?


GSN Sponsor Tier 1
Thanks David,
I sure will get with you if I need some mill work. I appreciate that!

We also get idiots on our roads. Usually from out of state. I don't think they have the common sense to slow down and take cruise control off. They cause a lot of accidents in my area, even some fatalities.

It wasn't all idiots stranded that night. There were 10's of thousands of stranded cars (100,000?). It took me 11 hours to go 15 miles. I was a absolute rarity in getting home but my country upbringing helped immensely.
Sounds like it was a pretty bad for a lot of people! Our little town is right off Highway 20, and can be closed from blowing and drifting snow from time to time stranding truckers and motorists. It's one of the longest stretches of Highway in the country.
Spent the day on the lathe today. Worked on getting the Cub gear struts done. I ended up one clip short of getting both struts done. I still have to grind and drill the strut shafts for mounting on the Cub gear.


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