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Clover Creek Invitational

RJ 706

70cc twin V2
Like to congratulate my friends Jason Shulman and Kevin Young for their teamwork resulting in winning the IMAC Unlimited class.

Their skill on the flight line combined with the support of Al Young and Jerry Hailey showcased the new Radiowave MX2.

Kinda cool that four friends working in a small shop in NC can design and build a competitive plane right here in the USA that is high quality and affordable.

Hoping to get mine in the off season.
+1 Thanks for the coverage

Really sorry we missed it... IMAC and the best freestyle in the world, really sad to not have made the trip but with school and stuff it just wasn't in the cards. Congrats to everyone that showed up and had a great time flying together. What a great cast of pilots and support... ready for video now... standing by :way_to_go:


Can anyone attend this event? Looks like a good one.
Anyone is welcome to attend. The flying is IMAC and freestyle so it is a contest based format not just a fly in. They are having their fall fly in the end of September I believe.
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