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IMAC Dietrich 42% Slick rebuild.


Still working on her, between flying and "life" but getting somewhere! I love Monokote! Glad I took the time to get her well sanded!


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Glad you like it. I can't stand monokote. Found I actually really like the cheap ass covering from hobby king and value hobbies. Seems to hold up really well and doesn't require the heat that monokote does to shrink up.
Looking really good though.


Monokote takes lots of heat to work well, but once you get it hot enough you can do anything with it.


I kind of forgot about this thread and it is time to sort of finish it!

The plane is done, just needs some kind of graphics now. It took a large amount of work to get it flight ready but it now fly's and it fly's beautifully!! The inside of the wings were a mess, I really don't know how they managed to stay together as long as they did! I added spars over the wing tubes and the wing tubes boxes in the wing with carbon tow as well, they will not let go now!!! I do have pictures of what I did if anyone would like to see...

I have six flights on it now and I am finally getting comfortable with it. The first flight for me with this plane was a real knee knocker! I had never flown a plane larger than 35cc. As my friend Doug said the first flight was a butt cheek clincher! Couldn't fart if I wanted to!! But I got it down in one piece other than spreading the landing gear out about six inches and of course breaking the prop!

So as she is now and graphics yet to come........


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These were built by the World Models for Dietrich. When Kevin sold the company to Blaine, Blaine ditched every airframe but the newest 50cc Edge. I'll bet World Models kept the molds. Not sure if you'd ever get them to lay up any replacement parts. I've been lucky. My cowling has survived several accidents. Canopy has a very small piece missing. I was not too impressed with the construction initially. I made a wing mod at the aileron cut out area near the root to avoid cracking, did a little beefing up to the motor box, and added basswood to the bottom of the fin to replace the balsa tab after I blew my whole fin/rudder off. Even with the weak spots and unimpressive construction, my old Slick held up to a lot of beatings and crashes. I could slap an engine on it now and go fly it, but I gutted it and put it away in a closet years ago when I joined team 3DHS. It actually wasn't a bad flying plane at all. I saw the proto at Nall one year and had to have one simply because it had such a nice, scale shape. The fat, round fuselage made it look huge compared to the other 42% planes then. It served me well and carried me far in my 3D game. I also have an older 42% Dietrich 260 tucked away, covering stripped off. I planned to fix them up and recover one day. The slick will be a great first 42% for you. Plenty of power with a 150 on stock mufflers, flies very predictably, and lands slower than any other 40%-42% I've owned, and I've had a few. You've done well with the mods. Should be better than new now! Enjoy it!

By the way Bob, you are very right about that weak spot at the aileron cut out, after I pulled the old covering off both of those tabs were only held on by the ply main rib that attaches to the fuse. Also found when you bolt the wings on both of those tabs had a bow in them so that they would have to bend to tighten up to the fuse which would make them break. They were glued so that the main ply rib was bowed out from the fuse. I put spacers in both to make the ribs lay flat on fuse and ply joints so the same would not happen again.

I have not/can't check the weight on this plane yet. Has anyone a weight on these planes? (with a DA150)
I have a brand new Deitrich 540 ill sell for 500


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