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Hostetler Cessna 336 Skymaster


70cc twin V2
Gotcha! Well northwestrc is not to far away! LOL Mo Money Mo Money....

I looked at some of the pics on this thread again and wow.... I don't think I really realized just how big this plane is going to be!

How are you going to haul this thing?

I'm hoping to transport the fuse and wing center section/tail booms/etc. in one piece with just the wing "halves" to install at the field. It should fit in the little trailer.


70cc twin V2
So, two weeks later...

I finished both of the hatches and just did not like the way they were not forming up to the curve of the stab. I put balsa on them, sanded, put filler on them, sanded, and I still don't like them.

I found myself not wanting to work on this project at various times just because of a certain piece that was not working right or a part of the process that I did not find to be entertaining enough.

SO, instead of letting it sit there, I decided to just put the stab aside and start on the elevator:


I cut out the 1/16" sheeting to the right shape, marked where the ribs go, and started gluing. I shaped full balsa support pieces where the horns will go, which will not be the same as the plans, so I adjusted as necessary.

Since I'm going to be using a round (vs. beveled) leading edge of the elevator with a cutouts for the hinges, I needed to add some balsa where the hinges would go. There will be six of them. I then decided that it would be wise to just put the same amount of balsa in the rest of the elevator for the additional support.

Rough finished product.


Now that I was having fun again, I decided to start on the rudders.

This should have been simple, but getting the shape correct for some reason was a little difficult. I will also add that National Balsa again forgot some wood, this time for the trailing edge of the rudders. I ended up getting the shape I wanted by just extending the sheeting.

Adding the top counter-balance provided a chance to sand a bunch...


It took a long time to make the stupid rudder, but I think it turned out pretty okay! One thing I forgot to do was plan for the hinges, but space in there is so tight that I will just use some Gorilla glue to get the space filled in and the hinges set in place.


70cc twin V2
Both rudders now finished, although I may need to tweak their dimensions slightly later on. TBD. It's progress at least. Now that I'm building things again instead of trying to perfect the stab, I'm accomplishing a lot more. Next: the wing!!



70cc twin V2
So, got out the plans for the outer wing panels and laid out the ribs. Four sticks of basswood are needed as well. When I laid everything out and looked at the plans where the hardwood wing joiners/plugs go, I noticed that there was a box in the outer wing panels on the plans to receive the joiners.

Unfortunately, there were no ply pieces for the box included. The pieces were included for the center section, but not for the outer panels. I'd call National Balsa and ask for the pieces, but... nah, I'll make do. In their defense, I can't find anywhere on the plans where this part of the spar box is illustrated, except that you can see where it is in the rib cross sections and from the overhead view.

My plan has been to glue the spar plugs into the outer wings from the beginning. So, I'll just glue the basswood sticks directly to the plugs and then use some 1/8" balsa sheet to support them and fill the space where the sides of the spar boxes would be.




70cc twin V2
Gluing the outer wing panel spars to the wing "plugs". I ended up sanding them a little too much on one side and they move a little in the spar box. I'll have to figure out a way to get them to slide in easily and still not move too much inside the center section box.



70cc twin V2
And now for the progress I've been making over the last week: the right wing panel.

All I have left to do is SAND SAND SAND, and then SAND a wing tip to shape. Please don't judge me by the rough product in the final picture, or by how messy the work bench has become. I'm going to clean it up again before I start the other half.






Super messy, right?!?!

I'll get around to it eventually...