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Scale Nelitz 1/3 scale Cub build


GSN Sponsor Tier 1
Working on the cabin area tonight. One definite is connecting ANY wood to steel requires more than Hysol/jb weld. Tried that.... I'll run a screw through the 2 materials as well as jb weld or Hysol. Pin is a temporary holder.





A 2mm screw will be about the same size as a #2 servo screw. That is a weak spot on planes like the Cub and Champ. My Champ cracked in that area on a harder than normal landing, ended up milling a slot and epoxied in a 1/8" piece of music wire, did both sides, thankfully it is hidden under the aluminum trim piece. I would consider drilling the wood for 1/8" piece of wire with grooves cut to grip the epoxy.